Write an integer for a gain of 31 yards

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Write an integer for a gain of 31 yards

The Bears had endured several losing seasons after the retirement of the iconic Gale Sayers in Payton's first game was not particularly successful; he was held to zero net rushing yards on eight attempts. His best performance of the season was the final game against the New Orleans Saintswhere he rushed for yards on 20 carries.

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Payton finished the season with only yards and seven touchdowns. During the NFL seasonPayton rushed for 1, yards and scored 13 touchdowns. The next year, he rushed for 1, yards and scored 16 touchdowns, becoming the league's leading scorer for the season.

He rushed for a then-record yards, breaking the previous record of yards held by O. His longest run was for 58 yards, and he caught one pass for 6 yards. His record stood for 23 years until Corey Dillon of the Cincinnati Bengals ran for yards on October 22, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings set the current record of rushing yards in By the end of the decade, Payton had received additional accolades for his exploits as a blockerreceiveremergency punterand quarterback.

The Bears struggled to assemble consecutive winning seasons, landing only two playoff berths since his arrival. The lack of success prompted the Bears' management to replace Neill Armstrong with Mike Ditka for the season that began in the Fall of Ditka, a tight end during the s and s who would also join the Pro Football Hall of Fameled the Bears to a 3—6 strike-shortened record in He led the Bears to an 8—8 finish in and to a 10—6 finish in Payton continued his success by rushing for more than 1, yards in both seasons.

On September 19,Payton passed Franco Harris as the active leader in career rushing yards. Three weeks later, on October 7, against the New Orleans SaintsPayton broke Jim Brown 's career rushing record of 12, yards.


InPayton rushed for more than 1, yards, helping the Bears establish the league's second-best offense with the emergence of quarterback Jim McMahon.

The Bears' 46 defense of that season would go on to become one of the best in NFL history, setting a record for fewest points allowed.

Although Payton's offensive prowess had assisted the Bears throughout the season, he did not score any touchdowns in the postseason and the New England Patriots prevented him from reaching the end zone in the Super Bowl.

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According to quarterback Jim McMahonhe was targeted by two or three defenders on every play, and others stated that Payton's mere presence allowed others to shine, given that at least 2 people were targeting Payton on every play. At the end of the season, he announced that he would retire from professional football after completing the NFL season.

During his last season with the Bears, Payton split carries with his successor, Neal Andersonand rushed for a career-low yards along with four touchdowns. Payton's career ended with another loss to the Washington Redskins in the divisional round of the playoffs by the score of 21—17 on January 10, Over his entire career, Payton rushed for 16, yards, which broke the record for most rushing yards by any NFL player in history, and scored touchdowns.

He caught passes for 4, yards and 15 touchdowns. Payton set several team records, including most career rushing yards, receptions, touchdowns, and touchdown passes by a running back.

His jersey number was retired by the Bears, and he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in When I decided that I would write the post, I looked at the photos and they’re okay, but I don’t know the dates and I don’t think a pound gain photo really looks like much change.

write an integer for a gain of 31 yards

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write an integer for a gain of 31 yards

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