Write a composition moldova is my motherland

My name is Ruchika Mehta. I am a citizen of India.

Write a composition moldova is my motherland

He continues to perform live, still participates in various festivals. Inhis waltz "Gramophone" was performed in the hall Ateneum Roman at the annual awarding of the Romanian Academy for outstanding achievements in the field of culture, science and education, along with works by MozartEnescuStrauss and Borodin.

This is the implementation of long — standing ambition to create a Music room, which will bring together like-minded people.

write a composition moldova is my motherland

The main aim of the Salon is the convergence of the society in a fragmented world today with the help of art and communication. Cinema is a whole separate life, my most important and favorite genre. In cinema music I was able to express all of my stylistic aspirations; I got to work with great orchestras, musicians, and movie directors from around the world" [72] — says Eugen Doga.

He continues to write music for movies. Not a single composer before Eugen Doga has worked so intensively and fruitfully in this studio.

Emil Loteanu[ edit ] In Eugen Doga began his creative collaboration with director Emil Loteanu, starting with the movie "Lautarii"13, 8 million viewers [75] about folk musicians of Moldova, whose music he used to listen to as a child.

Based on that folklore, he wrote the music for the movie which created a furor and brought the authors a Silver shell at the International Film Festival in San Sebastian. After that a tight creative collaboration between the composer and the famous Moldovan director.

In the end of on the poem by V. Inalready at Mosfilm, Eugen Doga together with Loteanu created the movie " Queen of the Gypsies "Soviet leader rolled in65 million viewers, copies have been sold in countries.

In order to create the music for this movie, Eugen Doga studied gypsy folklore around the whole of the Soviet Union. This waltz is now performed around the world. It was performed during the mass gymnastic composition athletes at the opening of the Olympic Games in ; [84] it was also used in the scene of the first ball of Natasha Postova at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Continued[ edit ] "To his music in the Soviet cinema people kept silent, cried, got married, went to heaven" — the NTV channel [92] Eugen Doga found success not only in films by Loteanu.

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In the movie-fairytale that immediately became a classic, "Maria Mirabella" came out. Inat the International Film Festival in Giffoni Italy it won the first prize in the category of animated films. In the s, s, and s Eugen Doga continued to write a lot of music for cinema.

Dozens of movies [94] shot in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and other cities will have in their credits the name of Eugen Doga. In Palermo and in San Sebastian, in Bucharest and in Moscow jury always together with the talent of directors recognized the contribution by the composer — "rare, poetic music, and its full integration with the storyline.

The composer expressed his outrage in his Facebook post where he wrote: Academic music[ edit ] Throughout his creative career Eugen Doga wrote music in academic genres. These were large scale forms, romance songs and so on. His creative talent is characterized by free use of different genres and styles.

Eugen Doga believes that a professional composer must be able to write in any genre of music. The main thing in music Eugen Doga considers the melody. Loteanu"Spring of mankind" verses A.

write a composition moldova is my motherland

Strimbeanu"The Human Voice" lyrics by R. Rozhdestvensky"The Heart of the Century" verses I. Beech two choruses and capella verses M. Eminescu, 70 waltzes, as well as many pieces for violin, cello, flute, accordion, piano.

However, he was only able to continue after a long period of time. In the ballet was written in 2 and a half months — pages of a complicated musical score. The ballet "Lucheaferul" premiered [] on June 6, at the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet and it was performed on that stage for several years.

Several performances took place in St.I.

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