The yin and yang of love

However, there is another side to yoga, just as there is another side to the yin and yang symbol. The poses are often held for much longer than poses in hatha or power sequences, with the goal of accessing deeper connective tissues as well as connecting with a more meditative state. What is Yin Yoga Good For?

The yin and yang of love

Love Advice In Taoism, a Chinese philosophy, there are two fundamental principles: It is believed that the interactions and balance of these forces in people influence their behavior and fate.

Opposites attract without question. When you meet that one special person you consider your perfect The yin and yang of love, a soulmate, the magnetic pull is undeniable and the differences between you obvious from the start.

You are polar opposites and often miles apart in the ways you relate in a relationship. In most instances, your guy will be "yang", oriented towards his intellect, self-driven with traits that are considered masculine.

And you "yin", receptive and emotional with traits considered feminine. As yin and yang, you complement each other perfectly and are the balance of intellect and emotions. Men naturally identify with the more masculine characteristics, the "yang" aspects of their intelligence.

They gravitate toward analysis, reason and logic in making decisions and approaching problems. A man exerts his masculine intelligence conquering old ideas and concepts and paves the way for new ones using his ingenuity.

A man will grow to understand that through sheer will and relentless perseverance he can make a difference in his world if he aligns with high ideals and achieves excellence. He will gain authority every time he succeeds at influencing others and will learn to value male brilliance as a light in the world that casts out the darkness of archaic beliefs.

In relationships, his tendency will be to want to lead. Women more naturally identify with the feminine qualities of receptivity, emotional logic and intuition, the "yin" aspects. They tend to seek complete understanding of a situation before making choices.

She values love and support above getting what she wants. She will evolve to become more intuitive, compassionate and in tune as she consistently trusts the validity of her intuition and sees that loving compassionately brings meaning to her life and a sense of purpose.

In her relationships, it is natural for her to give intuitive guidance and support with love. A woman who rejects the yang characteristics in her mate will find it hard to relate to her man, expecting him to be as communicative and nurturing as she is and will be heartbroken when he is not.

She might find her man cold and unresponsive to her needs and constantly demand more from him, not appreciating his way has value. But when there is opposition the result can be likened to the King and Queen becoming opponents, each trying to dominate and dethrone each other rather than ruling together.

The lack of appreciation of the differences results in discord, imbalance and inequality. A couple will fail to relate to each other until the currents of love force a new approach.

The change that is necessary is appreciation of the differences, learning to value the reflection that a mate is to their individual souls. Yin and Yang complement each other in every respect and polarities naturally strive for balance and harmony.

They will recognize their approaches as complementary, each adding to the other. The result will be harmony in the decision making process and in confronting relationship issues. Their partner is a true reflection of their own inner masculine or feminine side.

In the case of a woman, she holds the same intellect, drive, problem solving abilities and many of the other masculine qualities of her mate. It is only that she has not yet actualized them, drawn them out of hibernation and begun to use them consistently to balance her emotional side.

Daily she receives impressions of her own maleness in the relationship mirror. Through the reflection of her mate, she can assimilate and integrate some of his positive traits, recognizing them as her own. Conversely, a man needs to cultivate his intuition and emotional side. If he can value the reflection of emotional intelligence in his mate, he will become more comfortable with his own emotions and learn to trust his intuition more.

In each individual, the balance between masculine and feminine intelligences is a dance of unity. To conceptualize the masculine and feminine working in balance, imagine an artist before his canvas.

The yin and yang of love

With his feminine intelligence, he looks inward for the subject of his painting.What is your YIN-YANG compatibility? 25 October 1admin 4 Comments Compatibility, Free Horoscopes compatibility, yang, yin It is important to take in consideration the fundamental Yin-Yang polarity difference between the zodiac signs.

The yin and yang of love

Universe of Love: Poems of Yin and Yang [steve bodansky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Love, love and more love; this book is a compilation of poems both of eros and agape. Vera has been my muse for over 30 years and these poems were written to her for her birthdayReviews: 1.

Love is a process of dynamic balance of Yin and Yang energies. Love is the force that shapes the entire universe. The interaction of Yin and Yang is not an abstraction; it is the experience of love in all its forms/5(4). Not any religion, Nor any borderlines, Could stop their love from thriving!

Concurrent like yin and yang, They overpowered the hate. This post is written in response to OctPoWriMo Challenge – where you’ll write a “POEM” everyday for 31 days, using the prompt word.

And you "yin", receptive and emotional with traits considered feminine.

The Oracle of Love: "Yang and Yin"

As yin and yang, you complement each other perfectly and are the balance of intellect and emotions. Men naturally identify with the more masculine characteristics, the "yang" aspects of their intelligence. Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts.

According to this philosophy, everything has both yin and yang aspects (for instance, shadow cannot exist without light).

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