The role and meaning of dunkin donuts essay

The mission statement has helped the company to grow and develop itself and has also helped it to come this long way that is from where it started out to be a single coffee shop to where it is now having somewhere around outlets worldwide and out of those outlets are only in the United States and the rest are internationally based franchises and still the company plans to expand itself. It basically started with keeping the customers in mind that what are their need and preferences. And with new flavors of coffee it helps the customer to do so rather than having the old and traditional monotonous flavors of the coffee. Efficiently and effectively here means that the company wants its services to be targeted correctly to a range of consumers from children to adults.

The role and meaning of dunkin donuts essay

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The role and meaning of dunkin donuts essay

District management is responsible for virtually all the operations in the company with respect to the business goals that have been set out in the company plan. This is especially the case when the district assigned is a group of new area start-ups. District managers are responsible for the allocation of resources, hiring, training and managing teams.

These added responsibilities include job design, organizational design, staffing functions such as recruiting and selection, as well as the implementation of a training and performance appraisal processes.

Job Design Job design aims to reduce job dissatisfaction and employee alienation by means of repetitive and mechanistic tasks. Organizations attempt to increase productivity levels, satisfaction and motivation to employees through job design.

Job Analysis Job Analysis is a process, which is followed right after position identification and position building in an organization chart.

It is the first step in the process of hiring a candidate as it outlines the particular task required for each position created. Two approaches to job analysis best suited for our organization would be through comparison and experimentation. The experimentation method process includes taking examples from industry for defining points of interaction of any given position.

The experimentation process will help continuously to answer the questions: Job Description Once we understand requirements for the position, then next step is to define ways of meeting those needs.

It includes the amount of resources and authority the position provides to fulfill the business need. A job description can be as simple as a list of tasks required by the individual holding the position.

Formal job descriptions will include level of responsibility, expected outcome, including reporting line and other interactions. Once expectations, and means of attaining expectations are documented, then sketching ideal candidate will become easier.

In other words, job specification is a sort of sketch of an ideal candidate. Job specification highlights required levels of education, experience, physical and technical abilities, as well as desired social skills.

Job specification is used to screen job application of candidates, and job description will be of help during interviews.

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Candidates should be educated about the job description, it is also advised to provide a detailed explanation about challenges of the position and build ownership of candidate right from the interview.

Organizational Design In my opinion, the organizational design of a functional structure with decentralized, organic tendency are best suited for our new operating locations.

A functional structure will ensure that customers experience the same high quality product and service no matter which location they visit. The organizing of specialization will lead to operational efficiency where employees become specialists within their own realm of expertise.

In a decentralized, organic structure, daily operations and decision-making responsibilities are delegated to middle and lower-level managers within the organization. This structuring allows employees to utilize their knowledge and expertise for more efficient decision-making, also allowing for fewer links in the chain of command.

This type of moderate autonomy is critical in a franchise-based enterprise whereas each location is owned and operated by individuals rather than a single entity.Dunkin’ Donuts customers are passionate about their Dunkin’ Donuts experience, which for million of customers is an everyday ritual.

The company recently conducted another study in which customers were asked to go without Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for one week (Dunkin’ Donuts, ).

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the famous franchises in the world that serves coffee and baked goods like donuts, bagels and other bakery products. Bill Rosenberg is the founder of Dunkin’ Donuts. Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts Essay  Broward College Background of the study The role and meaning of Dunkin’ Donuts in New England eclipses its local origin story.

Dunkin Donuts must keep in mind the age, income, occupation, and most importantly the lifestyles of their customers if they wish to succeed in such a competitive. Dunkin’ Donuts Essay Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the famous franchises in the world that serves coffee and baked goods like donuts, bagels and other bakery products.

Bill . The role and meaning of Dunkin’ Donuts in New England eclipses its local origin story. After successfully operating the Industrial Luncheon Service, which served factory workers during World War II from mobile carts, William Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin’ Donuts store ten miles outside Boston in Quincy, Massachusetts in Opening Your New Dunkin Donuts Locations Essay Sample Assumption and Context: You have been the manager of a Dunkin Donuts store in the Midwest for the past two years.

The store is owned by a Dunkin Donuts franchisee that owns 20 other Dunkin Donuts locations.

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