Swot analysis for innocent drinks

Perceived as premium brand -Lower customer base when compared to other supermarket brands and PepsiCo who have global presence Opportunities -Penetrate the healthy foods market in order to increase market share over processed foods -Increase market share in terms of reaching newer uses and users.

Swot analysis for innocent drinks

Strengths Innocent Drinks strengths lie with its brand reputation for quality and innovation, which is what attracted Coca Cola. Innovation has been seen in both the product and how the business model includes economic, societal and environmental concerns InnocentWithers Innocent has won awards for its brand and products including being recognised as a social brand with strong ethical values which are reinforced by its organisational culture and can provide competitive advantage Innocent The investment of Coca Cola also enabled Innocent to access its considerable marketing and media power as well as gain financial security, during a period of falling sales O'Reilly Weaknesses In comparison to other fruit juice brands, Innocent Drinks is still relatively new and less well-known.

It faces strong competition from Tropicana Products, owned Swot analysis for innocent drinks PepsiCo, which is currently the number one brand in the UK and has an extensive range and experience in this sector.

Innocent Drinks also charges a premium price for its products, which has made it prone to a fall in demand during periods of reduced disposable income and the reliance on the UK market does make this a particular weakness Withers A further weakness for Innocent is the lack of patent for its products which means that its products can be copied.

Opportunities The increased health concerns expressed by both the UK government and society may present considerable opportunities in promoting Innocent drinks as an alternative to more sugary drinks with artificial additives Britvic The sale of Innocent to Coca Cola has also enabled it to gain access to the investment needed to enter European markets which, after initial losses, has had considerable success with Innocent becoming the largest fruit juice brand in Europe Withers ; O'Reilly With its success in Europe, the potential for access to emerging markets as trade deals are negotiated during the Brexit process and with Coca Cola's financial backing, Innocent may be able to increase its market share still further.

Threats Innocent is reliant upon supplies of fresh fruit products for its products Innocent The impact of climate change may lead to changes in weather systems, such as floods and droughts, and this will impact on harvests.

Furthermore, free movement for EU migrant workers is under negotiation during the Brexit process and there are concerns that this will impact on fruit picking in the UK in terms of access to adequate numbers of workers and the potential additional labour cost O'Carroll This is turn may increase the cost of Innocent drinks, which may reduce their demand.

Core Concepts and Live Cases, 2nd edChichester: April 11 [online] Available from http: Pearson Education Ltd Leahy, S.SWOT Analysis: Threats Strong Brand identity - Innocent is already a well known, recognizable brand, and will be well received because of it.

Due to previous sales, Innocent is able to spend more money on advertising than a new company would. Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

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Swot analysis for innocent drinks

The SWOT analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of Innocent Drinks and addresses the opportunities and threats presented by the PESTLE analysis (Johnson et al ). Strengths Innocent Drinks strengths lie with its brand reputation for quality and innovation, which is what attracted Coca Cola.

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