Soren chemicals

Market SizeCoracle is one of the clarifiers developed and produced by Soren Chemicals, which targets residential pools.

Soren chemicals

The entire market of residential pools is leaded by four major players. It is in the liquid form with a replacement cycle of 4 times.

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It is introduced in a tablet form with a replacement cycle of 2 times. ClearBlu is a product of Jackson laboratories which is a water clarifier for residential pools.

Moreover, ClearBlu is highly preferred by the professional services provider as it is the most effective chemical flocculant. Moreover, the main disadvantage of ClearBlu is that it requires high dosage per treatment which increases the overall costs of storage for pool owners and service professionals.

In addition to this, its price is comparatively higher than other products in the similar industry. Since the market of residential pools has a massive potential for the company to ensure its robust growth, the company launched the product Coracle, which is a diluted version of Kailan MW.

Coracle is launched with an intention of targeting the market of residential pools. In Septemberthe management of the company launched the product with a target of selling 50, gallons. The information in the case identifies the following problems which might have become hurdle for her in reaching its sales target.

Soren chemicals

The company has launched the product in September which is the end of swimming season. Thus, due to in appropriate launch time the marketing team of the company was unable to market the product of the company efficiently and effectively.

In addition to this, this has also limited the ability of Mortiz to achieve its target efficiently and effectively. The top management of the company has not developed an effective pricing strategy for the products which has limited the ability of the marketing team to attract the customers towards the product.

The price of the product is considered relatively high by the customers in the market which has decreased its overall ability to attract the customers towards itself. Thus, this has also limited the ability of Mortiz to achieve its target efficiently and effectively……………… This is just a sample partial work.

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Section A, Group 10 13P – Manu Mehrotra 13P – Milan Sachdeva 13P – Samudra Sarkar 13P – Shashank Mishra 13P – Sonakshi Gupta Fabtek Faculty – Prof. Vinod Kalia Business Marketing. Dec 01,  · Topics include distribution channels, pricing, and new product marketing.

Jen Moritz, the marketing manager for Soren Chemical Co. is struggling with the poor sales performance of Coracle, a new clarifier for residential swimming pools.

Soren Chemical: Why Is the New Swimming Pool Product Sinking? When the initial annual goal of $ million was set, it seemed to be realistic. Of the 9 million residential pools in the United States, 80% maintain their own pools providing million pools in the market who are maintained by the owner.

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Soren Chemical: Why is the New Swimming Pool Product Sinking? (Brief Case), Spanish Version Case Solution, This Case is about COMMUNICATION, PRICING PUBLICATION DATE: April 09, PRODUCT #: SHCB-SPA When students have English-language PDF of this conci. What is the addressable market size for Coracle?

Is your first year goal reasonable? Market size Number of swimming pools (taking into account that just 25% of consumers. America’s No. 1 favorite comfort food is testing positive for some disturbing ingredients, and you won’t find them on the label. New testing confirms that chemicals in mac and cheese include a variety of phthalates, chemicals that disrupt the body’s normal hormonal function.

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