Research proposals on tax administration

Tax administration is good way as it is recent issue in our country.

Research proposals on tax administration

Background of the Study Significance of the study Scope of the study Limitations of the study Operational Definitions of Terms Locale of the study Population of the Study Data processing and analysis List of Tables Table 1: Mean Range of Likert Scale List of figures Figure 1: Despite much effort, many countries fail to raise sufficient revenues to finance the government budgets and to support the development needs of the country.

Some of the countries in Latin America region that are on a fiscally sustainable path, revenues appear inadequate to fund a socially sustainable level of provision of public services Ter-Minassian, Very low tax to gross domestic product GDP ratio is a common characteristic of most of the developing countries Ter-Minassian, For example, over the past few years, lower than projected tax revenue has forced the government of Tanzania to cut its ambitious plans which reduced its capacity to finance public projects.

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These measures include Taxpayer education in form of dialogues with stakeholders, seminars, and others to mobilize tax, to reduce tax evasion and to increase tax compliance; and also online facilities like e-filing and e-payment, e-clearance, e-billing machine and online registration were farther introduced to simplify the process of paying taxes, reduce costs, reduce time taken by taxpayers for declaration and payment of tax, and to increase domestic revenue Kagarama Bahizi, Low tax to GDP has been linked to poorly administered tax system characterized by low tax audits, complicated tax system and thereby discouraging compliance and contributes to difficulties in raising tax revenues in Latin American region Aggrey, ;Ter-Minassian, Could the tax revenue performance in Rwanda be due to the above stated inadequacy in other countries?

This research will be relevant since it will seek to establish the relationship between Tax Administration and Tax Revenue Performance in Rwanda Revenue Authority.

Statement of problem The Government of Rwanda continued to carry out tax reforms over the years with an aim of improving taxation efficiency and increasing the amount of revenue raised to finance the government expenditure.

In yearThe Rwanda Revenue Authority RRA embarked on the decentralization process and further strategies were implemented such as Taxpayers education and electronic tax system to mobilize and increase tax revenue collections. The low tax to GDP ratio implies that a lot of tax remains uncollected and so tax revenues collected are inadequate to finance government budget.APTI is now accepting high quality research proposals to address any of the priority themes or a combination of them, with a focus on research that can support APTI, partner experts and governments in strengthening property tax systems on the continent.

Research Proposal on Tax Compliance | The other proposal would promote a dubious technique for assessing tax policy changes that, depending on the assumptions used, could be used to manufacture cost estimates showing various tax-cut proposals as having little or no cost.
Changes to the Individual Income Tax Every country has got its own system of taxing, which is regulated and managed by the government.

The Administration announced last week that it is creating a special division in the Treasury Department dedicated to producing “dynamic analysis” of tax proposals, and the Administration’s budget seeks $, for this division in fiscal year Datalab Research proposals approved to date Approved projects since May Project title Institution Company births and deaths: investigating the Tax Administration Research Centre / Institute for Fiscal Studies Analysing individuals' use of tax relief for tax planning purposes.

Research Proposal on Tax Compliance May 27, UsefulResearchPapers Research Proposals 0 Tax compliance is the process of following the country’s tax system. A Sample Research Proposal for Undergraduate Students.

Research proposals on tax administration


Bagongon/5(89). Featured Research. International. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) releases the "General Explanations of the Administration’s Revenue Proposals" which provides an explanation of the Administration's revenue proposals.

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Special Inspector General.

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