Peacock essay kids

It is the national bird of our country.

Peacock essay kids

Essay on Dog Friendly, loyal and faithful are the characteristics that describes the most loving mammal, that is, dog. It is one of the most adorable and fun loving animal in the world. Dog has highly sensitive tympanic membrane eardrum and olfactory system sense of smellwhich makes it different from other creatures.

As a pet, dog is a very helpful organism as it watches over the house and prevents strangers from breaking into the house by barking loudly.

A dog usually can feed on everything, like, ricemeat, fish, but it should be taken in a notice to not to feed anything sweet to the dogs as by eating something sweet, their hair will start shedding immensely.

Dogs are of various colours like white, brown, golden, black etc.

Essay On The Peacock For School Students

Dog is considered as a symbol of dignity. Dog has four limbs which help them in running fast and the long or the short tail helps in maintaining the balance. It can also feed on vegetables, milk, flour products- which keeps it healthy and warm. It is one of the most intelligent animal and its memory is very sharp, a dog remembers everything just like a human.

Peacock essay kids

Dogs are very obedient, and follow every order or command by their master seriously. They are capable in saving the lives of humans as they have a unique quality of sensing danger.

Humans consider this animal as his best friend because of its unconditional love and loyalty. Dogs are found all over the world. It is the most common household pet.

It is also an excellent swimmer. A dog can adapt theme-selves in any condition. Dogs are also a part of military and police force. Their highly sensitive sense of smell helps in tracing thieves, bombs, clues. To be a part of military or police force, a dog undergoes immense training and workout-just like human beings.

They can even identify their loved ones by the sense of smell. The offspring of a dog is called as puppy and the female dog is called as a bitch.10 Sentences about Peacock Peacock is the national bird of India. They are also called peacocks. Peacocks are very attractive in appearance.

These are found almost everywhere in India. Peacocks are bright green-blue colors. Their neck is blue and very long. Its wings are long and colorful, with spots like green, blue, yellow and golden [ ].

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essay about life of a student. good transition words for an essay. Essay on Peacock for Kids and School Students Bishnu Mahato September 29, Peacock is a very beautiful bird. It dances elegantly when it sees dark clouds in . While I understand the headdress is important to traditional ceremonies, I feel there is a certain hypocrisy about the situation.

Allow me to explain there are many statuses across the world from every culture that are considered an honor. Short Paragraph on The Peacock.

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peacock spreads its tail, the tail looks like a big colourful fan. Peacock mainly lives on foodgrains and female peacock is called peahen.

The peahen is not so attractive. It is smaller in size. It is a brown bird. It has no colourful feathers. Its legs are rough and ugly. Related. Category: Kids. Peacock essay in english for kids as the main topic of universities essay with purposive sampling in quantitative research.

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