Paper on physical security

Overview We demonstrated physical side-channel attacks on a popular software implementation of RSA and ElGamal, running on laptop computers. Our attacks use novel side channels and are based on the observation that the "ground" electric potential in many computers fluctuates in a computation-dependent way. An attacker can measure this signal by touching exposed metal on the computer's chassis with a plain wire, or even with a bare hand. Through suitable cryptanalysis and signal processing, we have extracted bit RSA keys and bit ElGamal keys from laptops, via each of these channels, as well as via power analysis and electromagnetic probing.

Paper on physical security

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Papers should focus on physical security. Both technical and social science aspects are of interest. Papers primarily about cyber security, cryptography, criminology, or law enforcement will not be accepted. Authors are welcome to contact the Editor to discuss possible papers at the above email address, or by using the contact form below.

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Less is often more. Avoid the passive voice, and be sure to write in the first person. Thus, "I analyzed the data. If you are not a good writer, find somebody who is to edit your manuscript prior to submitting it to JPS.

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Figure captions should be at the bottom of the figure and have the following format: Sometimes details or tangential issues are most effectively handled in an Appendix if they get in the way of the discussion. We rely on--and are very grateful to--anonymous reviewers who volunteer their time to review manuscripts submitted to JPS.As Start with Security suggests, securing paper, physical media, and devices is an important part of that strategy.

Securely store sensitive files. If your company has already committed to starting with security, you understand the importance of collecting sensitive information only if you have a legitimate business need and keeping it safe.

Paper on physical security

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Paper on physical security

Founded in , ASIS International is the world's largest membership organization for security management professionals. With hundreds of chapters across the globe, ASIS is recognized as the premier source for learning, board-certification, networking, standards, and research.

Physical security is a vital part of any security plan and is fundamental to all security efforts--without it, information security, software security, user access security, and network security are considerably more difficult, if not impossible, to initiate.

Reviewers are asked to advise whether the manuscript is appropriate for publication in JPS, and whether it represents a significant contribution to the field of physical security. Reviewers are also asked to offer suggestions for improving the work and the paper.

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