Mt. st. helens essay

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Mt. st. helens essay

Helens to Kilauea Essay Of the volcanoes that are located in the United States there are two which are world renowned for their activity and their power to change the region surrounding them - Comparing Mt.

Helens to Kilauea Essay introduction. In order to get a better understanding of these volcanoes we will be comparing and contrasting them as well as talking about how they were formed and when they last had an eruption.

Helens which is located in the pacific northwest of the United States. To be more specific it is located in Washington State and is a part of the Cascade mountain range that spans from California to Canada.

It is a composite volcano, which has steep sides that are formed by alternating layers of lava flow, and pyroclastic material made up of ash and other debris.

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These types of volcanoes have a tendency to have very explosive eruptions and pose a great many problems for people and animals nearby1. This is in contrast to the volcanoes found in Hawaii which have slow flowing lava eruptions and few if any massive explosions.

Helens is formed by a subduction zone where the Juan de Fuca Plate plunges beneath the North American Plate causing the uplifting of the Cascade Mountains.

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Mt. st. helens essay

Once the explosion went off, it lead to a blast that generated a 2. Many studies have been done that show there is a large rotating block under it which causes friction that was likely the cause of the eruption2.

Helens exploded when a 5. The mudflow and lava that would follow would kill many animals and 57 people. They do not know when it will erupt again, but many geologist believe that it will and only time will tell. The other of the two is Mount Kilauea located on the big island of Hawaii and is also located on the Pacific plate, but is formed as the Pacific plate moves over the Hawaiian hot spot which is a continuous flow of lava from the sea floor that eventually created the Hawaiian Island chain.

Kilauea is the youngest of the volcanoes in the Hawaiian island chain, but is the most active and visited volcano in the world3. Kilauea is known as a shield volcano that rises 1, meters from sea level which is made when basaltic lava moves slowly over surrounding surfaces to form a low lying broad shape.

As to the formation of Kilauea it is somewhat unknown, but experts estimate that it was formed aroundtoyears ago. With no prolonged periods of inactivity the volcano has continuously built up on itself.

The last major eruption took place in and killed many people and animals, but numbers are unknown4. Starting in there was a chain of several eruptions that started and have yet to stop pushing lava through a lava tube till it reaches the Pacific Ocean.

Over a span of twenty year the flow has changed course and add new land to the island.

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There are several things that they have in common as they also have many differences. They both have something to do with the Pacific Plate and they both have had explosions. They are much more different though than they are alike.

Helens is more explosive when it goes off after years of building pressure, where Kilauea has few explosions, but a continuous flow of lava. They both attract tourism, but Kilauea draws much more people who want to see lava flows and Mt.Mount St. Helens Case Study Essay Sample Mt St.

Helens, one of the 13 active volcanoes around the world (which is one of the most dangerous volcanoes around us). Mt St. Helens is located in Washington, the Pinochet National Forest Park, its spirit lake had attracted massive tourist which made a huge amount of profit for the tours company.

Free st. helens papers, essays, and research papers. Mt is the youngest of the volcanoes in the region, being a mere 2, years old, but the area has been volcanically active for almost 40, years, hence the large number of volcanic mountains forming the Cascade Range.4/4(1).

Mount St. Helens is located in the Northern Hemisphere in the continent of North America. It is in the mountain range the Rockies. It is located on a destructive plate boundary/5(1). Mt St. Helens Introduction Mount St.

Helens is a volcanic mountain in the Cascade Range in Western North America, in the state of Washington.

Mt St Helens Essay

It is, perhaps, the most famous mountain in the range, and certainly is the most active volcano in the area today. Read Mt St Helens free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Mt St Helens. The United States contains in its history the most significant volcanic /5(1).

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