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Features[ edit ] Although they were written in several different cities and kingdomsthese early laws have a number of formulae in common.

Law codes

Law codes

Iceland[ edit ] The best sources for information about the Viking legal system are found in Icelandwhere it was the most highly documented. The Eyrbyggja Sagafor example, portrays accounts of the compromises made at the Althing. In Chapter 46 of the sagathe arbitrator and his jury facilitate the following settlement: Mar Hallvardsson's wound and the blow Steinthor gave Snorri the Priest were said to equal the deaths of the three men killed at Alfta Fjord.

The killings by Styr, one on either side, cancelled each other out, as did the killings of Bergthor, and the wounds of the Thorbrandssons in the fight on Vigra Fjord. Thorleif Kimbi got compensation for the leg he had lost. The killing of one of Snorri's men at Alfta Fjord was matched against the unlawful assault Thorleif Kimbi had committed by starting the fight.

All other injuries were evened out, all outstanding differences paid for, and so they parted on friendly terms. Everyone honoured this settlement as long as Steinthor and Snorri were both alive.

Law codes

The resulting codex is known as the Gray Goose Laws Icelandic: Medieval Norway developed four ancient regional assemblies: FrostatingGulatingEidsivating and Borgarting.

A jury typically consisted of twelve members, twenty-four members, or thirty-six members according to the importance of the matter in question. The winner was considered to be in the favor of the gods and thus the innocent party. Although not as common, outlawing men was practiced as well.

As royal power in the Norwegian kingdom was consolidated, from about the eleventh century onwards, laws were increasingly put into writing, and later issued by royal decree. Magnus I of Norway "the good" took a key role in this.

Then, during the reign of Magnus VI of Norway "the lawmender"the first state law for the whole of Norway was issued, between and However, a number of features of the current Law of Norway are still thought to descend lineally from Ancient Norwegian property laws.

Udal lawfor example, is thought to have ancient origins of this kind. Medieval Denmark was divided into three jurisdictions each ruled by its own provincial law; the Scanian Law used in the Scanian landsthe Zealandic Law used in Zealand and Lollandand the Jutlandic Law used in Jutland both North and South and Funen.

The Scanian lands were Danish until the middle of the 17th century, and the Scanian Law predates Sweden's similar provincial laws. It was written down around and exists in several law manuscripts. These manuscripts are however copies of older lawtexts and the Scanian Law is thus counted as one of the oldest provincial laws in the Nordic countries.Medieval Scandinavian law, also called North Germanic law, was a subset of Germanic law practiced by North Germanic was originally memorized by lawspeakers, but after the end of the Viking Age they were committed to writing, mostly by Christian monks after the Christianization of Scandinavia.

Initially they were geographically limited to minor jurisdictions (lögsögur), and the. To access a complete listing of California Law Codes and Bill Search features, click the California Law or Bill Information Tabs on the Tabbed Panel above. Dec 04,  · California Laws & Codes Official Web sites for California laws, Education Code, and California Code of Regulations.

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