How do i write a letter of appeal for financial aid

In a recent post, we showed you how to work through the FAFSA app with no stress and get your max amount to pay for school. So hop over there if you need advice on filling out the app quickly and efficiently—no fuss.

How do i write a letter of appeal for financial aid

I am writing to you because my income for this year has declined and this fact will not be represented when you examine the FAFSA for — let me explain why. I am a freelance graphic artist and only work when I receive a call for a project and am offered the job.

In other words, I only receive a pay check when I work. This could be for one day or several days, but I do not have steady or guaranteed income. In addition, it is not a job in the traditional sense, where I go to work at the same place every day, I may work for several different companies.

I have been very fortunate in that I have been working my craft for a long time and get a fair number of calls but some years are better than others. Thank you for your consideration, John Ogilve Pretty straightforward, eh?

In fact, if the process of writing an appeal feels overwhelming, putting it in bullet points first.

how do i write a letter of appeal for financial aid

You can do this. Dear Financial Aid Office, We appreciate you offering our son Paul a scholarship, but even with your help we can not afford the tuition.

We have asked his grandparents and uncles to help, but they to unfortunately are not able to help pay the tuition. We honestly don't know how to make this happen without your help.

Next month I will be having a necessary hysterectomy and I will be out of commission for a couple of months and can not work. I am a first grade teacher at a small church school with a very small income and we can barely make ends meet.

I appreciate that they demonstrate how they have already exhausted other options: This sends the school a clear message: If there are options that other families may have that you do not, it can help to let the school know. I like to share with you a little bit about our son.

I know you know how talented he is or he wouldn't have gotten into your school. He has been working on his craft his whole life.

how do i write a letter of appeal for financial aid

He is one of the kindest and friendliest young men. He is genuine, not at all phony. He will walk down the halls of his school smile or say hi to anyone, teachers and students. He was voted Homecoming Court two years in a row. This is a very sweet paragraph--a mother advocating on behalf of her son.

Your school is the only school Paul wants to attend. He said to us he will not go to college if he can not go to The New School.

None of the other schools offer what The New School can offer him. He has always wanted to be an actor, writer and director ever since he was five years old. Not only will Paul benefit from attending your school but you will also benefit. If you can offer us more financial help, Paul will be able to attend and graduate as one of your success stories.

This is similar to what the student in the first letter does: Here it comes at the end of the letter, which is fine.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to reconsider the amount you have offered Paul. Sincerely, Gina and Tom Atamian Again, pretty straightforward. You may have thought that writing one of these appeals was going to involve some kind of added magic, but you know what the two more important qualities re when it comes to writing them?

Give the school the information it needs to make a new can write a financial aid appeal letter in like an hour, and it may be the fastest $2, (or $8,) you ever make if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Tips for writing your appeal explanation statement

May 12,  · Students still have time to file a financial aid appeal if there is a valid reason for a change to the award given. Education - I write about personal when the financial aid award letter.

How do you when you should appeal your college financial aid offer? In some cases, writing an appeal letter can make a difference.

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On the other hand, sometimes the decision is final. Or, your circumstances may not merit a reconsideration. [When Should You Write A Financial Aid Appeal Letter?]. Requesting more FAFSA money can be broken down into two simple steps: contact your financial aid office and write a short summary of the special circumstances regarding your appeal, providing clear and professional documentation for your claim.

Luckily, when a financial aid crisis arises, there is always a backup plan: the financial aid appeal letter. *** The financial aid appeal letter is your way of asking the financial aid office to reconsider their decision about your financial aid.

What to include in your financial aid appeal letter

Instead, have your student write to financial aid and ask about the appeals process. While the email does not need to be as detailed or formal as the eventual appeal letter, it should explain that there are additional circumstances and your child wishes to appeal.


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