Holidays speaking exam

Every test is digitally recorded and consists of three parts: Part 1 Test takers answer general questions about themselves and a range of familiar topics, Example topics are work, study, where you live, food, holidays, friends, going out, festivals, sports, schools and public transport.

Holidays speaking exam

Public holidays in English-speaking countries: Although some public holidays are specific to Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the majority coincide with ours, with some notable exceptions: In Scotland, the New Year continues to be celebrated on 2 January. Also, the same as in some parts of Spain, 26 December is a holiday.

They call it Boxing Day. Its origins date back to ancient times and there are various theories about the name. As practical as ever, they vary the date of most of their public holidays.

If a holiday falls on a Saturday, it is moved to Friday, and if it falls on a Sunday, to Monday. Sensible even when taking a break. These are the most important dates: Martin Luther King Day. In theory it was created to commemorate the birth of George Washington.

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This one is Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember all those who died while serving in the armed forces. In summer comes the turn of one of the most popular celebrations: They call it Columbus Day.

November is a big month as far as public holidays are concerned. On 11 November, Veterans Day is celebrated to honour military veterans.

Then, two or three weeks later, on the fourth Thursday in November, families in the USA gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. And as they make the exception of having a public holiday on a Thursday, they take advantage of the situation and extend the break until Saturday.

But what about Australia? Is it like the UK when it comes to the dates of public holidays? Beginning in January Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th.

The following public holiday is Labour Day, although the date varies depending on which part of the country you are in. On April 25, the country commemorates those who served and died in combat.

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In most parts of the country it falls on the second Monday in June, with the exception of Western Australia where it is usually held on the last Monday in September or the first Monday in October.

Now you only have to decide what celebration you want to join and plan your getaway. Submit a Comment Your email address will not be published.In this lesson, you can learn how to improve your score in Parts 1 and 2 of the CAE speaking exam.

You can learn about parts 1 and 2 of the CAE speaking test, and you’ll see some things you can do to perform better and get a higher CAE speaking score.

French Speaking Assessment Gcse Holidays GCSE French revision section for Holidays and Travel. Topics include Nationalities, Holiday Destinations, Getting Around and Directions, Transport, Travel. senior examiner speaking in.

Holidays speaking exam

Shala Barczewska wins the competition with a seasonal lesson plan on how to talk about holidays, practising past tenses and third conditionals.

FCE Speaking Exam Part 1 – Interview Questions In the first part of the exam, the interviewer will ask you and your partner several questions about everyday topics.

Here is a . • Holidays can also be hectic in which the whole aim is to do as much sightseeing as possible. • So for people who otherwise have physically active lives,a relaxing holiday would be perfect. • But for all others the hectic holiday would be ideal. Learn the key vocabulary you will need to talk about holidays in your IELTS Speaking Exam.

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