First grade pumpkin writing activity free

Is there a relationship between a pumpkin's size and the number of seeds it contains?

First grade pumpkin writing activity free

The Pilgrims came to America America, America. The Pilgrims came to America a long, long time ago. They sailed on the Mayflower the Mayflower, the Mayflower. They sailed on the Mayflower a long, long time ago. They made friends with the Indians The Indians, the Indians.

They made friends with the Indians a long, long time ago. The corn grew tall The corn grew tall.

first grade pumpkin writing activity free

The corn grew tall. The corn grew tall a long, long time ago. They had a great Thanksgiving feast Thanksgiving feast, Thanksgiving feast. They had a great Thanksgiving feast a long, long time ago.

Ideas to use with Companion Stories On the Mayflower Review who the Pilgrims were and why they were leaving their homes to venture to a new land Using a globe and amap, show students where the Pilgrims left and where they were headed in America. Ask students to consider what they would take with them on a trip to a new world.

There would be no stores in the new world to buy the things they usually have. Show them a box and tell them that all their family couldbring would have to fit inside of it.

Brainstorm a list of wants and needs that could fit inside of the box. Have students write and illustrate what they would take with them on their journey. Construct a small, paper Mayflower In the gym or outside, measure out how big the Mayflower really was about 90 feet long.

Pilgrim Children Had Many Chores Before reading, review with students what they know so far about the life of the Pilgrims on their Mayflowervoyage. Explain that life was very difficult for the Pilgrims in America and that everyone, including the children, had to work hard. Ask students to share ways they think the Pilgrim children could have helped their families.

How do they help their own families? Introduce the title, author, and illustrators. Students will be intrigued to find out that first grade children constructed the pictures in this published book!

Read aloud each page, taking time for students to look closely at the pictures and for explainingthe concepts of how and why they were churning butter, mucking a garden, bundling wheat, getting water from a well, etc.

Enlarge clip art of a Pilgrim boy and girl.

First Grade Garden: Aaaaargh! Spiders!

Use interactive writing to label their clothes. Use them to compare with the items Pilgrim children would have used.Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins A Thematic Unit By Anson H. Baker Deborah Cooley Kristin Pingel and do a paired sequencing activity.

• Lesson 2: Pumpkin Pumpkin Sequencing- Students will read Pumpkin Pumpkin, tell the story in their own words, and Pumpkin shape writing booklets PROCEDURE. We love a good math craft and opportunity to show our mathematical thinking!!

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We have been exploring part, part whole addition strategies and connecting it to what we know about turn around facts and the relationship between addition and subtraction. This is a FREE SAMPLE of a Comprehensive 1st Grade Math Practice and Assessments resource.

Enjoy one page from each: Counting to , Addition to 20, Subtraction from 20, Measurement, Place Value, Shapes, Fractions, Telling Time, and Graphing! KYUSport elbow support protects your elbow from traumatic harm during sport pratices or repetitive motion.

Gentle compression and pressure keeps the muscle warm and reduces joint and tendon stress during movement while providing support for elbow instabilities or minor injuries or sprain. Ever wondered how a pumpkin grows? Pumpkins are a beloved fall crop, and big players during the autumn holidays.

Explore the life cycle of a pumpkin with . The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving. Reading the Story: Review with students the November calendar. Have students name the holiday that occurs in this month.

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