Environmental justice case studies in south africa

South Africa is no exception. As a mobilising force the concept emerged from the US where it was developed 50 years ago in opposition to practices that were identified by black communities as ' environmental racism '. The concept was first introduced in South Africa at a conference of environmental activists in Tackling environmental racism was seen to be central to the process of democratisation, especially between and

Environmental justice case studies in south africa

Social studies of waste, pollution & externalities

Section of the Constitution addresses the various circumstances in which international agreements or treaties are applicable in South Africa. This provision provides that as a general rule, a n international treaty that has been ratified and approved by the National Parliament, becomes locally enforceable by the courts as part of domestic law when it is transformed or incorporated into local law.

Both transformation and incorporation are legislative measures, meaning that they involve the adoption of local legislation to give effect to the treaty in question. In the event of incorporation, the local legislation simply adopts the treaty in toto as being applicable as domestic law.

Interestingly, section 4 specifies that a self-executing provision of an international agreement is applicable without transformation or incorporation, if it is approved by parliament and consistent with the Constitution.

Some scholars have argued that the vagueness of what is meant by a self-executing provision may provoke debate. Customary international law refers to rules that are developed as the result of consistent widespread state practice, which practice is viewed as legally binding by those states.

In addition, section of the Constitution obliges every court when interpreting legislation to prefer any reasonable interpretation of the legislation which is consistent with international law over any interpretation which is not.

Importantly, Section 39 1 b of the Constitution obliges courts in South Africa to consider international law when interpreting the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. The Constitutional Court has held that reference to international law in this provision includes both binding as well as non-binding international law.

Sources of Legislation Print form: Acts of Parliament are initially published in the official Government Gazette. The official version of an Act of Parliament is published in the Government Gazette.

The Gazette is usually the only printed source of regulations - subordinate legislation issued by government ministers in terms of enabling statutes.

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Draft bills are occasionally published in the Gazette, but bills are issued as a separate series and obtainable from the Government Printer.

The Gazette also includes proclamations, government notices, commencement dates of statutes, price regulation measures and industrial regulations. This is a loose-leaf publication of consolidated acts, kept by up-to-date by annual supplements.

The index volume vol. The chronological index also lists repealed acts, with details of the repealing legislation. Although the full text of regulations is not reproduced in this work, there is a section containing references to regulations passed in terms of the acts.

These references include the regulation gazette or the government notice number, the Government Gazette number and date of publication. Juta publishes an annual edition of its seven-volume set of consolidated statutes.

Environmental justice case studies in south africa

Juta classifies the acts into 18 groups and subgroups according to their subject matter. The full text of principal acts is given, but amending acts appear in abbreviated form, because the amendments will have been incorporated into the relevant principal acts.The fight for environmental justice is a fight for your life.

Image by Wake Forest University. The environmental movement (sometimes referred to as the ecology movement), also including conservation and green politics, is a diverse scientific, social, and political movement for addressing environmental issues.

Environmental justice case studies in south africa

Environmentalists advocate the sustainable management of resources and stewardship of the environment through changes in public policy and individual behavior. Scroll down to see the most affordable environmental science degrees, as well as info on the different types of environmental science degrees and environmental science program accreditation.

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Scribbling for environmental, social and economic justice. In saying this, I can also say with confidence that we have a pathway out of this crisis. New Uranium Mining Projects - South Africa (last updated 18 Aug ).

The case study is an empirical examination of a distinct initiative to reform juvenile justice provisions in South Africa. It focuses on a particular process of legislative reform in the area of juvenile justice, in the broader context of political, social and economic policy reformulation, systemic transformation and .

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