Drug policy for elora jean

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Drug policy for elora jean

Drug policy for elora jean

Legal Issues in HR Management: Add Homework help from our online tutors - BrainMass. There have been some accidents on the production floor, and in a couple of cases, drug use was a factor.

As a team, you will submit recommendations for a new policy. You should begin the process by posting your recommendations for items to be included in the new drug-free workplace policy.

Your recommendations should include training for supervisors and employees on the new policy as well as the type of testing if any and why.


Do you feel each of the recommendations is legally sound, and are they appropriate for the union and non-union environments? What concerns might you have? First, it is crucial that management is properly trained. An outside consultant should be hired by the company to implement a training program that will help managers be aware of legal issues in the areas of drug testing, of the signs and symptoms of drug use, and of options when dealing with an employee who fails a drug test.

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A second critical portion of the program is a written policy coupled with employee training. It is imperative that Elora state, in writing, its intent to implement a drug plan and to explain why.

Drug policy for elora jean

Management should give statistics involving accidents on site and at other companies to impart a sense of responsibility to the employees.Welcome to Astro*Address -- the addresses for astrologers from all parts of the globe.

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Current Legal Issues in Human Resource Management: Elora Jean & Co.

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