Dbq apush 1 transformation of colonial

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Dbq apush 1 transformation of colonial

Transformation Of Colonial Virginia, is available for you on Essays Early in the colonization process there were many hardships as described by George Percy Doc. However, the colonists were able to alter their colony with the aid of the tobacco industry along with the use of indentured servants, and most notably slaves.

The tobacco plantations and the numerous able-bodied workers were capable to create an industry in which the colonists would depend on socially and economically.

Dbq apush 1 transformation of colonial

The father of the tobacco industry, John Rolfe, became an economic savior inwhen he perfected methods of raising and curing the pungent weed. The demand overseas of the product had become great and a tobacco rush soon swept over Virginia. The colonists now used much of their time, concentration, and energy for planting this demanded crop.

The industry had now built the economic foundation for the colony of Virginia. Additionally, the industry had created one of the first products to be sold by brand name advertising Doc. However, intense tobacco farming depleted the rich Virginia soil.

The vile weed would soon ruin the soil and eventually make it unfit for planting in subsequent years. Due to the barren lands after planting, there became a large demand for large-acre plantations. When more tobacco was planted to fill the needs of the Europeans, there also became a need for more labor.

A massive workforce was now needed to work the large tobacco plantations and this demand would soon be fulfilled with the use of forced laborers. The colonists now faced the problem of a greater need for labor. Yet unfortunately, families procreated too slowly, Indians died too quickly from disease, and slaves too expensive.

However, England did have an abundance of displaced farmers in search of long term employment.

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These laborers, known as "indentured servants," willingly rented out their work for many years. They signed binding contracts to their masters, and as a dividend for their work they received food, lodging, and other necessities that would be required throughout their said term Doc.

Large numbers of these "white slaves" now inhabited Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay area. Nearly all of them looked forward to the day when they would become free and own land of their own. When many of these laborers were freed, they were left without an acre of land, and many were in extreme poverty.

Eventually, large groups of poverty stricken freemen were drifting discontentedly around the Chesapeake region.

Inpandemonium occurred, about a thousand Virginians, led by twenty-nine-year-old planter Nathaniel Bacon, broke out of control. They stormed Jamestown, put torch to the capital, and murdered numerous Indians.

Eventually the rebellion was suppressed, and now planters searched for less troublesome workers to continue the success of the tobacco industry. After the chaos of Bacon's Rebellion, the planters now setClass Orientation, US Geography Review, Textbook Distribution, and Writing Skills Introduction (1 week) Pre-Columbian Societies, Transatlantic Encounters, Colonial Beginnings Chapters (3 weeks) APUSH TOPIC CORRELATION 1.

distinctive colonial and native societies emerged.

Dbq apush 1 transformation of colonial

KP3 () The transformation of the United States from an agricultural to an increasingly industrialized and urbanized society brought about significant economic, political, APUSH Digital Project Page QR Code.

Warfare on the Colonial Frontier‖; From Documents to Accompany America’s History, Volume 1: Bound For America (), Stono Rebellion (), Benjamin Franklin on Education During the American Enlightenment (). transformation of American Society; ppt- Chapter 9 _1_ 2)T-Chart- analysis of the social, political, and economic issues of the regions within the US HW: Write 2 .

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