Coaching in the call center industry

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Coaching in the call center industry

Are Your Coaching Methods on Target? Agent coaching remains the most important responsibility of contact center supervisors. Approaching the coaching process as highly targeted activity shifts the focus to addressing the highly specific requirements of individual agents.

The targeted approach means examining the outliers in the quality monitoring process rather than norms, then using modern and affordable tools like speech analytics to hone in the precise determinants of customer delight and performance efficiency.

Coaching in the call center industry

A changing coaching environment While other contact center management processes have evolved, coaching methods and technology have lagged. Several dynamics are now converging to drive progressive contact center executives to re-examine coaching practices and support technology.

Advent of Customer Experience Management Changing role of the contact center Growing product and service complexity Multi-channel communications Agent as King or Queen Impact on the contact center Contact center management deals with these key trends and the multiple and sometimes conflicting missions in many ways including: If agents cannot learn new skills - or supervisors lack the skills themselves to impart this knowledge, then new people with these skills will have to be hired.

With demands to generate revenue, centers are training service-centric agents to make revenue-generating outbound calls to existing customers during periods of slow inbound traffic. Successful call blending requires advanced workforce management software to optimize agent efficiency without adding to the stress level.

But more coaching does not automatically mean better coaching.

Call Center Metrics

As the responsibilities of call centers evolve to more closely align with corporate goals and strategies, progressive call centers work to define and construct metrics that are relevant to the goals and capabilities of individual contact centers.

Customer centricity is all about making memorable customer experiences a focal point for the enterprise and management looks to the contact center to lead the charge for stronger customer relationships. Where coaching fits in The coach is the linchpin between strategy and execution, the person who can answer the difficult questions when the agent is stumped or provide encouragement when he or she may be a little down after a difficult interaction.

The coach is also the one individual most specifically charged with the development of others. As studies show, the direct supervisor has a strong impact on agent satisfaction.

In Manpower Corporation commissioned the SQM Group to conduct a massive study of contact centers and customers that contacted these centers: Obstacles to more effective coaching Learning their new role is a special challenge for new coaches but there are other obstacles that limit the effectiveness of coaching.

The young coach had football knowledge but no prior training as a coach. He does what he thinks coaches do - motivate the troops! The veteran also motivates his team, but concentrates more on the details of a winning game plan.

Understanding targeted coaching The concept of targeted coaching is to focus on the specific skills and knowledge gaps of specific agents. Coaching is intended to address skill and knowledge gaps identified in the monitoring and evaluation process.

But the crux of the issue is that the process relies on choosing "typical" calls and looking back to past interactions. This approach ignores two important realities. First, the interactions sampled can never be truly indicative of actual agent performance because of the small sample size.

Second, the contact center is a highly dynamic environment. Agents are in the "center of the storm. Events such as these are almost always known in advance.

Targeted coaching would enable supervisors to alert agents and prepare them with the proper responses. In this sense, coaching is pro-active, not re-active. Technology for targeted coaching Today contact center management is being asked to do more with the same or even less people.

The robot coach has yet to be invented so you will have to rely on solutions available today.

How it Works

The essential applications are quality monitoring, speech analytics, and e-learning. None of this is new but the problem is that most vendors have designed and priced their software for the traditional model of coaching, not targeted coaching.Call center coaching is the process of providing additional instructions to a call center employee or agent by the supervisor or manager for the purpose of reinforcing learning.

Unlike training, in which learning is often provided via a seminar, coaching is focused and personalized in nature. Andy has been told by many that he is the best coach in the industry.

He has taught thousands to learn there first inverts and spins. He is known for understanding exactly where the mechanics are breaking down and then provides a simple building block method for riders to accomplish new skills in a .

With the proper knowledge, application of new skills and tweaking of existing skills, you can hold more successful call center agent coaching sessions in no time.

Andy has been told by many that he is the best coach in the industry. He has taught thousands to learn there first inverts and spins. He is known for understanding exactly where the mechanics are breaking down and then provides a simple building block method for riders to accomplish new skills in a . Free Report: Download this white paper and learn how cognitive computing can help with enhanced call center customer satisfaction and make a call center’s agents happier. The success of a company depends a lot on customer satisfaction, ratings on social media and brand reputation. This report. 11 Call Center Best Practices You Need to Be Doing Right Now January 26, by Scott Kendrick As recent research shows, the U.S. call center industry is alive and well.

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Location, Location, Location: 4 NY area. The call center industry is chock-full of acronyms for different metrics: KPI, AHT, FCR, to name just a few.

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QA is not just about monitoring and measuring; it should also be about coaching and improvement. If, for example, average handling time (AHT) is a weakness in your call center, you as manager should work with the QA team to monitor.

Coaching in the call center industry

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