C tatesullivan unit test part 2

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C tatesullivan unit test part 2

A deficit in executive functions In addition, the DSM-IV indicates that normal activities and function will be impaired by the memory deficits and that the experience of amnesia must occur outside of times where the individual is in a state of deliriumintoxification, or withdrawal.

The criteria for diagnosis also maintain that there must be evidence that the amnesia is caused by the use of alcohol. Such cases provide an opportunity to gain an understanding of what effects this syndrome has on cognition. In this particular case, cognitive symptoms included insomniaanxietydifficulties in concentration, loss of memory for the immediate past, and gradual degeneration of mental state; consisting of confusion, confabulationand hallucinations.

In addition to this, it has been noted that some patients displayed an inability to focus, and the inability of others to catch patients' attention. They found that patients suffering from WKS showed impairments in all aspects of this test battery but most noticeably, on the cognitive estimation tasks.

This task required subjects to estimate a physical quality such as size, weight, quantity or time i. What is the average length of a shower? Patients with WKS performed worse than normal control participants on all of the tasks in this category. The patients found estimations involving time to be the most difficult, whereas quantity was the easiest estimation to make.

Additionally, the study included a category for classifying "bizarre" answers, which included any answer that was far outside of the normal range of expected responses. The anterograde memory loss is demonstrated through deficits in tasks that involve encoding and then recalling lists of words and faces, as well as semantic learning tasks.

WKS patients have also demonstrated difficulties in preservation as evidenced by a deficit in performance on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test.

This has been demonstrated through measures that assess perceptual priming. WKS patients displayed significant deficits in this task.

The patients in this study also showed a significant deficit in their ability to perform this task. Provoked confabulations can occur when a patient is cued to give a response, this may occur in test settings. The spontaneous confabulations viewed in WKS are thought to be produced by an impairment in source memory, where they are unable to remember the spatial and contextual information for an event, and thus may use irrelevant or old memory traces to fill in for the information that they cannot access.

It has also been suggested that this behaviour may be due to executive dysfunction where they are unable to inhibit incorrect memories or because they are unable to shift their attention away from an incorrect response.

Wernicke—Korsakoff syndrome results from thiamine deficiency. It is generally agreed that Wernicke encephalopathy results from severe acute deficiency of thiamine vitamin B 1whilst Korsakoff's psychosis is a chronic neurologic sequela of Wernicke encephalopathy. The metabolically active form of thiamine is thiamine pyrophosphatewhich plays a major role as a cofactor or coenzyme in glucose metabolism.

Thus, anything that encourages glucose metabolism will exacerbate an existing clinical or sub-clinical thiamine deficiency. In some regions, physicians have observed thiamine deficiency brought about by severe malnutrition, particularly in diets consisting mainly of polished ricewhich is thiamine-deficient.

The resulting nervous system ailment is called beriberi.

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In individuals with sub-clinical thiamine deficiency, a large dose of glucose either as sweet food, etc. Other regions include the anterior region of the thalamus accounting for amnesic symptomsthe medial dorsal thalamusthe basal forebrainthe median and dorsal raphe nuclei[15] and the cerebellum.

These patients had developed WKS but were not alcoholics and had never suffered from dietary deprivation. WKS developed between 2 and 20 years after the surgery.

Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome - Wikipedia

Therefore, it must be ensured that patients who have undergone gastrectomy have a proper education on dietary habits, and carefully monitor their thiamine intake. Additionally, an early diagnosis of WKS, should it develop, is very important.

Ethanol also disrupts thiamine storage in the liver and the transformation of thiamine into its active form. This provides an explanation for why alcoholics with liver cirrhosis have a higher incidence of both thiamine deficiency and WKS. In addition to the damage seen in these areas there have been reports of damage to cortexalthough it was noted that this may be due to the direct toxic effects of alcohol as opposed to thiamine deficiency that has been attributed as the underlying cause of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome.

Wernicke encephalopathy typically presents with ataxia and nystagmusand Korsakoff's psychosis with anterograde and retrograde amnesia and confabulation upon relevant lines of questioning. Thiamine vitamin B1 is an essential coenzyme in carbohydrate metabolism and is also a regulator of osmotic gradient.

C tatesullivan unit test part 2

Its deficiency may cause swelling of the intracellular space and local disruption of the blood-brain barrier. Brain tissue is very sensitive to changes in electrolytes and pressure and edema can be cytotoxic.

In Wernicke this occurs specifically in the mammillary bodies, medial thalami, tectal plate, and periaqueductal areas. Sufferers may also exhibit a dislike for sunlight and so may wish to stay indoors with the lights off. The mechanism of this degeneration is unknown, but it supports the current neurological theory that the mammillary bodies play a role in various "memory circuits" within the brain.

C tatesullivan unit test part 2

An example of a memory circuit is the Papez circuit. This patient was nearly in coma when IV thiamine was started, he responded moderately well but was left with some Korsakoff type deficits. Treatment[ edit ] The onset of Wernicke encephalopathy is considered a medical emergency, and thus thiamine administration should be initiated immediately when the disease is suspected.

Treatment can also reduce the progression of the deficits caused by WKS, but will not completely reverse existing deficits.Unit 2 functions and Their Graphs 3 – a, b; 4 – a, b; Overview Students will build their knowledge of algebra skills learned in Unit 1. They will learn to classify data as continuous or discreet, and identify trends, identify dependent and independent variables in tables and graphs.

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