Broken bones essay example

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Broken bones essay example

Any painkillers given to treat the headache must be non-narcotic and relatively mild. Otherwise it is difficult to tell if sleepiness is caused by a worsening of the injury or by the painkillers.

Broken Bones In general they hurt. The initial shock and pain is often enough to cause unconsciousness — Vila is perfectly justified in passing out when having his arm set in Powerplay.

Keeping the limb immobile will minimise the pain but any pressure or movement is going to be extremely unpleasant. Severe breaks compound fractures can cause part of the bone to protrude through the skin, this will also cause blood loss, which can be severe enough to be dangerous.

Nerves and blood vessels can also be permanently damaged. Smaller bones are obviously more likely to break than larger ones but I can assure you from personal experience that they hurt every bit as much. Lots of pain but some movement is a relatively good thing -- it indicates 'just' a tear.

Less pain but very limited movement is a worry, because it can mean you've snapped something, and the joint becomes useless without surgery.

Broken Ribs All sorts of nasty complications can arise here. For a start, though a character who has just broken a rib will feel winded and uncomfortable, the initial discomfort will pass quickly and they may feel fine for some hours afterwards.

Possibly they may not even realise that they had broken anything. After a few hours it will start to hurt badly and breathing may be impaired and painful. Problems can occur when the injured person is breathing only shallowly because of the pain and not expanding their lungs fully, lungs can collapse as a result, causing pneumonia.

Interesting in a morbid kind of way is that the breathing difficulties of a collapsed lung aren't what gets you - it's the air pressure that builds up in the chest cutting of the blood flow to the heart.

Broken ribs can also puncture a lung or even the heart with fatal results. A punctured lung would result in death within minutes if untreated. Dislocated Joints Hurt just as much as broken bones. On-the-hoof treatment is the same as for broken bones — imobilise and support the limb.

There are a few dislocations which can be life-threatening -- the sterno-clavicular joint where the collarbone joins the breastbone is one. It requires a lot of force to pop it most people's collarbones will break before the joint goesand the collarbone usually goes outwards, but if it displaces inwards, it can compress the airways.

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I can also say it hurts very badly and for a very long time. Susannah told me about this one and I was wincing just reading it. Cutting and Piercing Getting stabbed or cut open is Not Nice and most human beings come equipped with a healthy set of defensive reflexes to avoid it.

If at all possible they will try to put something else like hands in the way of the blow. Most people injured in a stabbing have injuries on their hands and arms as well from trying to ward off their assailant. The severity of the injury depends a great deal on its location.

Limbs The arms and legs are not protected by much flesh so even a shallow cut or piercing injury here may damage bone and muscle and render the limb effectively useless. Severe blood loss can occur if the major blood vessels in the inside of the upper arm and inner thigh are damaged.

A piercing more than 2 inches deep starts to get dangerous. If the main descending aorta is hit, the character has seconds to live. The femoral or renal arteries will lose a fatal amount of blood in 2 — 3 minutes. Injury to internal organs would cause bleeding, infections and a nasty slow death if left untreated.

Bleeding from the spleen or liver would cause death within 20 minutes. Less major damage to internal organs would cause death either from blood loss over several hours or up to several days later from infection and other complications.

Relatively slight cuts to the stomach area would affect breathing and damage muscles, More major cuts to this area can damage nerves and muscles, meaning the injured character would have no control over their legs.

Quite apart from the pain which is pretty horrific the sight of their own insides tends to make most people quite hysterical. Blood Loss Major blood loss will result in a fast weak pulse and accelerated respiratory rate.

For an average healthy person about a litre of blood lost is enough for shock to set in. Loss of approximately a litre and a half to two litres or more will require transfusion.

Loss of more than 2 and a half litres will probably result in unconsciousness and, if transfusion is not given, death.One may ask, what actually happens when a bone breaks.

Broken bones essay example

When outside forces are applied to a bone, it has the potential to fail because the bone cannot withstand the pressure of those outside forces. The type of force on the bone may determine the type of injury that occurs.

-By Adulthood some bones fuse together to end up with bones. -Our skeletons bones mass is at its maximum density around the age of -There are 26 bones in the human foot. Around 90% of these are broken bones.

The costs to industry are substantial (over £ example use a separate dirty water bucket for wringing the mop out to increase the dirt removal. Greasy floors Slips and trips: the importance of floor cleaning. Transverse fractures are when the bone is completely broken in a matter that is perpendicular to the way the bones run.

Oblique fractures is a fracture in which the bone breaks diagonally. A spiral fracture is a fracture that is caused by a twisting force.

The body goes through the healing process when a . A broken bone can incapacitate a person’s normal functions but treatments can speed up the process of recovery to restore these functions and get a person back to great health.

Broken bones have a major effect on the skeletal system. The bones support each part of the body and when one is broken, that part of the body loses its support. Calcium plays a vital role in healing broken bones naturally by promoting growth of strong and healthy bones.

Milk, tofu, salmon, beans, almonds are some of the important food sources of calcium. Besides, your doctor may recommend calcium supplements.

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