Analysis of customer complaints marketing essay

Hurd and Denise M. Since the customer is the cornerstone of marketing, it is imperative to answer these two questions: Who are our customers?

Analysis of customer complaints marketing essay

Analysis of customer complaints marketing essay

Here is your Sample Essay on Marketing Article shared by: The word marketing means different things to different people. A salesman understands by marketing his selling activities of oral presentation with a view to effectuate the exchange of money for the benefits offered by his product.

To an advertising man, it means advertising media selection and a host of activities related to the advertising function. However, advertising is much more than these activities and along with the work of the salesmen no doubt constitute part of the selling effort. Marketing thinking must start even before there is a product.

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It is concerned with identifying existing needs and then converting them into a product or service. Besides, even after the product has reached the consumer or user, the marketing effort does not necessarily come to an end.

There is a question of follow-through to ensure that the customer gets maximum satisfaction out of his purchase. In case of some products, after-sales service is essential to keep the consumer satisfied and eager to buy again later from the same company.

Besides, all these activities must result in profit or a difference between the output and input, i. Again, in the Indian context, it is very essential that the efforts must be most productive and that an optimum use is made of the resources available to the organization.

It will thus be noticed that marketing thinking must start with a crystallization of the needs of the consumer segment at which the effort will ultimately be aimed.

Not what you're looking for? Positioning What are customer needs? The success of every company is dependent on its ability to create products and services that address unmet customer needs.
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The objective should be to win and keep customers. Customers can be classed as internal or external.
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In terms of the needs, the product or service must be developed or improved so that ultimately the product satisfies such needs of the customer segments involved. The goods have to be moved towards the consumers. This is where the function of distribution enters the arena.

Whilst performing all these mental exercises, the marketing man must be ever conscious of the profitability of the overall operations. The word profitability has in recent years assumed an unhappy image. Without debating on this aspect, it is obvious that the resources available to an organization are necessarily limited and in any case can be used in other activities.

Therefore it is in the organizations and the national interest to ensure that an optimum use is made of such resources.

Analysis of customer complaints marketing essay

If one emphasizes this aspect of marketing, it becomes clear that marketing is important not only for business undertakings but also for non-profit organizations such as hospitals, museums, etc.

All these organizations have resources which must be used in an optimum manner and wastage avoided.Customer complaints – collecting the right feedback Increasingly companies are recognising the value of a customer complaint in that it is free feedback on their experience, and an opportunity to not only resolve a problem for that particular customer but perhaps also for a much larger number of customers.

subject: report on customer complaints from burger king franchise The attached report, which as requested contains a discussion and analysis of the data collected during the evaluation of the Burger King franchise located at Main Street.

Read this essay on Customer Analysis. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at" A CRM system deals with managing valuable customer data and enriching it through interactions with marketing and customer .

The definition of customer service can be said as the service provide to the customer that will enhance the customer experience. Besides that, it is also important for the organization to understand what the customer satisfaction is.

Customer satisfaction means the overall feeling of satisfaction of the customer with an interaction.

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Customer Satisfaction Still at s Levels. Business News Daily, The article draws attention to the problem of relationships between American companies and their customers; in particular, the author refers to the issues of clients not being completely satisfied by customer support services of .

1 ABSTRACT The association between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is one of the most central relationships for marketing theory and practice.

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