An analysis of a walk to remember by nicholas sparks

My question is this: While its opening weekend was strong, I was in a packed theater with lots of teens in the audiencemuch of the crowd laughed and made fun of the film. I strongly encourage parents and Christian youth to support this film.

An analysis of a walk to remember by nicholas sparks

A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive Messages Movie's themes include not giving in to peer pressure and not letting high school cliques determine who one's friends are. She volunteers at a nearby school as a science tutor.

She doesn't let her illness define her. Landon learns to move past the arrogance and snobbery of the clique he hangs out with in high school. He matures, learns to take responsibility, learns to treat others with respect.

Violence Two teens get into a fistfight. A teen boy, giving into peer pressure in order to gain acceptance from the cool crowd in his high school, jumps off a high metal structure and bellyflops into the water, causing near-death injuries.

Sex One of the characters in the lead character's peer group makes several sexual insinuations over the course of the movie, including acting out sex between two people while making sexual noises.

Language Occasional mild cursing: Verbal bullying from teens, making fun of the clothing worn by one of the characters. Wine drinking by adults at dinner.

Two friends pantomime smoking a joint.

An analysis of a walk to remember by nicholas sparks

What parents need to know Parents need to know that A Walk to Remember is a coming-of-age movie loosely based on the Nicholas Sparks novel. A teen boy is peer pressured by a group of popular teens who have been drinking and act drunk into jumping from a high distance into a body of water below, resulting in near-fatal injuries.

Before Landon cleans up his act, he drinks and drives.

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Popular teens in a high school verbally bully the way another teen girl dresses. At one point, she asks, "Are you trying to seduce me? Landon's best friend is African American, but the character's dialogue is so stereotyped that he seems like the "token black guy" in Not Another Teen Movie.

He and Landon have an elaborate special friendship handshake -- including a pantomime of smoking a joint -- and there's an unintentionally hilarious moment when, after an exchange of sympathy and support, they soberly go into their handshake moves.

Occasional profanity, including "s--t," "bulls--t," "chickens--t," "piss," "damn," and "hell.

An analysis of a walk to remember by nicholas sparks

Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.A Walk to Remember, which co-stars Daryl Hannah, is the second of Sparks's novels to make it to the big screen after Message in a Bottle ().

~ Karl Williams, Rovi Rating: PG (for thematic 27%(). From the classics like The Notebook and A Walk to Remember to the newer—and in my opinion, lesser—movies like Safe Haven, these sweeping romances have quite a bit in common with one another.

Feb 25,  · The walk is either supposed to mean the "walk" through life or the "walk" down the aisle they kinda hint to that in the end of the movie if you listen carefully!! i loved the book and the movie i love all Nicholas Sparks Resolved.

A Walk to Remember is a book that you will not want to put down until you’ve reached the last page, because Sparks draws the reader in with emotions, descriptions, love, and death. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. A Walk to Remember was published in by American novelist Nicholas Sparks.

It takes place between to in Beaufort, North Carolina. Sep 19,  · The Notebook and A Walk to Remember are both two love stories wrote by Nicholas Sparks. They both have a story line about two totally different people who end up falling madly in love. In The Notebook Allie and Noah are the main characters.

Allie is a rich, wide open young girl; while Noah is a poor easy going young man.

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