Accounting syllabus

Introduction to the theory of accounts and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as applied to a corporation. Analyze, record, and report the results of business transactions through the accounting cycle for service and merchandising companies. Discuss the components of, and prepare, the financial statements for service and merchandising companies.

Accounting syllabus

For the summer term, this will likely be early evening on the day of the exam. The report will contain a all grades to date and a prorated portion of the course participation points.

Class Participation Being fully prepared for class will help you get the most out of a class meeting. Seven and one-half percent of your course grade is allocated to participation.

Accounting syllabus

Participation points are posted in Canvas. Worksheets and other class activities cannot be made up as they are an integral part of each class meeting. Always bring blank 4" x 6" note cards, your clicker, a BAII plus or a basic 4 function calculator, a pencil, and your white eraser for participation purposes.

There are several ways to earn points towards your participation grade: Random opportunities will occur during most class meetings during which you will be asked to work a problem and either submit via your clicker or submit on a 4 by 6 note card.

No makeups are allowed. Answers must be correct to receive credit.


Worksheets consist of short problems that will be either be distributed as a take home assignment due at the beginning of the next class meeting, or administered in class. In-class worksheets will be announced at least 2 days in advance.

Worksheets are typically worth 10 to 16 participation points and will include bonus points. Notes and other non-electronic materials may be used. These are preannounced with at least 2 days advance notice, and may be given outside of class times. No makeups or late submissions are allowed. Some of these are announced in class, so if you miss class, be sure to catch up with a classmate.

Participation grades for student athletes or other UNF-sanctioned class absences will be re-weighted provided notifications are emailed to dtanner unf.

There are no makeups for participation opportunities, including late course registration.

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No grade adjustments will be made for points missed prior to registering your clicker. How Participation Grades are Calculated. Participation grades are posted in Canvas.

To calculate your course participation points, use the following formula: Most of the problem solving i. You are expected to be fully prepared for class. You will occasionally have participation points linked to the video coverage.

Chapter Readings You will find chapter references, often accompanied by page numbers, of the readings you are expected to have completed prior to the date on which each assignment is posted.

Course Summary:

PowerPoint Shells The PowerPoint shells that correlate to the course videos are linked to the study hall page of the course website. The publisher-created PowerPoint shells are posted in Canvas.

Class Problem Sets and Textbook End-of-Chapter Assignments I will use a combination of textbook end-of-chapter assignments and class handout problems of my own creation.

Solutions to textbook end-of-chapter problems are posted in Canvas. Class problem sets are linked to the class schedule on the date in which we plan to cover in class. Previewing requires that you read through the problems to get an understanding of the facts and nature of the problems.

You MAY NOT share a handout with a friend, as some problems may be used for participation opportunities during which sharing is viewed as cheating.

Solutions to class problem sets will be posted in Study Hall shortly after class coverage. For each exam, bring a basic four function or BAII financial calculator, a couple of mechanical pencils, and a white pearl eraser. Under normal circumstances, graded exams will be returned to you during the next class meeting.

Solutions to current semester exams will be posted on the course Study Hall page by mid-day the day after the exam has been administered.

No restroom breaks are allowed during exams without pre-approval of medical necessity through DRC. However, because exams take 6 to 8 hours to create, you must notify Professor Tanner via email at least a week in advance of the day you plan to take an exam early.Accounting graduates may pursue careers that lead to positions such as certified public accountants, managerial accountants, controllers, financial officers, tax accountants, financial fraud examiners, budget analysts, internal auditors, public administration officers, and other executives.

Syllabi downloads for classes offered in the School of Business and Management at Notre Dame de Namur University. Accounting II expands on what the student learns in Accounting I by focusing on corporate accounting.

Accounting Minor

This course discusses how corporations are structured and formed with an. STUDENT WARNING: This course syllabus is from a previous semester archive and serves only as a preparatory reference. Please use this syllabus as a reference only until the professor opens the classroom and you have access to the accounting, internal control, and basic financial analysis.

Students must have access to Microsoft Word and. Information contained in this syllabus is intended to be a guideline for the Accounting course and is not intended to include every possible classroom scenario. Should unforeseen circumstances result in changes being made to the syllabus, the changes will be highlighted on my website.

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