Academic writing in iran a womens soccer

By Ilya Somin on December 5, 6:

Academic writing in iran a womens soccer

Plutarch listed heroic and artistic women in his Moralia. In the medieval period, Boccaccio used mythic and biblical women as moral exemplars in De mulieribus claris On Famous Women —directly inspiring Christine de Pisan to write The Book of the City of Ladies InMary Hays published the six volume Female Biography.

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Woolf, however, sought to explain what she perceived as an absence; and by the mid-century scholarly attention turned to finding and reclaiming "lost" writers. Much of this early period of feminist literary scholarship was given over to the rediscovery and reclamation of texts written by women.

Commensurate with this growth in scholarly interest, various presses began the task of reissuing long-out-of-print texts. Virago Press began to publish its large list of 19th and earlyth-century novels inand became one of the first commercial presses to join in the project of reclamation.

In fact, multiple studies support the fact that there are dissimilarities that exist between the two. By studying the number of T-units- the shortest phrase that can still be split into different components often a sentence - in comparison to the number of clauses, one can see that women use almost twice as many clauses as sentences.

Men, on the other hand, only have a ratio of about. Women also tended to use paraphrasing rather than direct quotation when integrating information from outside sources.

Further evidence for the difference between written word of boys and girls is provided in Written Communication.

academic writing in iran a womens soccer

Analysis of the assignments of eighth graders shows that the girls consistently scored higher on their assignments than the boys, even when the boys showed an increased or above average proclivity towards writing.

The article even states that the writing behaviors of girls are "more desirable" in the public school setting. Examination on the differences in description of color shows that women have greater "emotionality" in regards to it.

Women generally use more descriptive language than men. Men used less, and are referred to as having less "emotionality" overall. There is no correlation between emotionality and age for men, but there is for women.

Yang studied male and female Chinese speakers who were undergraduate English majors and found women possessed more color vocabulary both in English and in Chinesewere more elaborate in the Chinese translations of the color words.

In other applications of communication the same rift exists.


In computer programming and coding, women are believed to write code that is more user-friendly, containing comments that explain how to use it, and easy to understand variables, while code written by men tends to be cryptic and obscure. Emma McGrattan, a programmer located in Silicon Valley, says she can accurately determine whether code was written by a man or a woman just by looking at it.

Feminist code does exist, mainly through the lens of its purpose. The online programming projects WWO and the Orlando project were feminist archive projects meant to collect the works of women throughout history.

Jacqueline Wernimont says of the archives, "Digital archives unite two historically gendered fields — computer and archival sciences. Literary scholars who depend on archival or rare book materials still confront, whether they acknowledge it or not, the legacy of an institutional form through which patriarchal power exercised the authority to determine value, classification, and access.Jun 07,  · The Iranian women’s soccer team has effectively been banned.

from the Olympics because their uniform adheres to Iran’s interpretation of Islamic standards, and thereby violates FIFA’s Olympic ban on religious displays. Eight members of Iran’s women’s soccer team are men, a report says. However, Iranian authorities explained the problem away by insisting that all eight men are transgender and awaiting sex change surgery.

academic writing in iran a womens soccer

Aug 29,  · Since , she’s been living in Iran as a soccer coach. American woman leaves United States to teach women's soccer in Iran T EHRAN, Iran – Katayoun "Kat" Khosrowyar, 30, was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Javascript is disabled on your browser.

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You must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a Javascript-capable browser to fill out the questionnaire. The Iran women's national football team represents Iran in international women's football, and is controlled by the Iran Football Federation (IFF).The IFF official in charge of women's football is Farideh rutadeltambor.comation: IFF.

My wife Alison and University of San Diego law professor Gail Heriot have just published an article in Engage on the apparently growing practice of sex discrimination on behalf of men in college serves as a Commissioner at the US Commission on Civil Rights, where Alison is her special assistant/counsel.

FIFA told by Iran eventually women will be allowed at games | FOX Sports