A biography and life work of william schwenk gilbert an english dramaticist

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A biography and life work of william schwenk gilbert an english dramaticist

The Gilberts would add three younger girls to the brood: Jane, Maud and Florence. His parents were cold and distant, with prickly characters. Stern and unyielding, they did not show affection for their son, who absorbed their inflexibility and emotional frigidity.

Gilbert remained detached from life, regarding its triumphs and defeats with a reserve, a sense of atomization likely inherited from his parents. Young William spent his formative years touring Europe with his parents before they returned to London in He did not go on to Oxford as he was determined to join the Army to fight in Crimea.

He failed to obtain a commission, and turned his attention towards making a career as a government clerk and barrister in the years His interest in the theater seems to have come to him at an early age.

Circahe began making submissions of prose, verse and drawings to the comic magazine "Fun," writing "The Bab Ballads" for the wag rag. The play ran seven weeks, but he was not produced again untilwhen his pantomime "Hush-a-Bye Baby" and his burlesque "Dulcamara" were produced in December.

He continued to work in burlesques for the next three yearsmaking a reputation for himself as a tasteful and intelligent writer. Burlesque in the 19th century was akin to vaudeville, with star turns, ballet, and spectacle. Gilbert had no control over his work as in burlesque, as the stars were the thing, a position of powerlessness he resented.

Gilbert married Lucy Agnes Turner on of August 6, She likely dominated her household, and Gilbert even may have been afraid of her anger lest he trespass her in her domestic fiefdom.

He had already began writing for the Gallery of Illustration, a small, sophisticated theater that produced his "No Cards" on March 29th, earlier that year. Freed from the interference of stage-managers of the more vulgar, commercial theater, Gilbert was able to develop his personal style while writing for the Gallery.

The Gallery presented six Gilbert musicals in which his unique tone of voice began to emerge. Adopting a more restrained style, he produced "fairy comedies" in blank verse for the Haymarket Theatre.

The fairy comedies presented a more tasteful and popular entertainment than the farce and burlesque that dominated the theater.

A biography and life work of william schwenk gilbert an english dramaticist

He became a theatrical director in this period, and began directing his own plays so as to exert artistic control over them and fully realize their potential.

Inhe directed the Liverpool production of "La Vivandiere" and the London production of "Thespis" ina year that saw six other Gilbert productions on the boards.

As a director, he aimed to introduce subtlety into the English theater. Their first hit would come with their second collaboration, four years later, with "Trial by Jury. He even dabbled in writing serious drama, though he was not notably successful in that genre. The strain of so much work led to his leaving "Fun.

The play, which lampooned prime minister Gladstone and two of his ministers, was banned briefly. This was the beginning of Gilbert pushing the parameters of what could be presented on the English stage.

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While Gilbert did tend to be iconoclastic, he worked in the popular theater and needed success to continue to work. Up until Gilbert decided to publish his oeuvre, plays were published very cheaply, as pamphlets for the use of actors rather than readers.

Gilbert wanted his plays published as real books, proofread and attractive so they could find a place in the home libraries of gentlemen.

Such a well-published book was unheard of for a new, relatively controversial dramatist like Gilbert, as it typically was the province of older, for long-established dramatists to be published in respectable volumes.

Gilbert eventually published three more volumes of his original plays, and his popularity was such that he even made a profit from them. The third Gilbert and Sullivan collaboration, "The Sorcerer," was presented inas was his masterpiece "Engaged," a cynical and ironic work that was very funny.

Critics attacked the play as debasing the human spirit.Gilbert's influence on the English language has also been marked, In addition, biographies continue to be written about Gilbert's life and career, and his work is not only performed, but frequently parodied, pastiched, quoted and imitated in comedy routines, film, William ().

W. S. Gilbert. William Schwenck Gilbert was born in London on November 18, , to William Gilbert, a retired naval surgeon, and his wife Anne.

The Gilberts would add three .

Sir William Schwenck Gilbert: A Brief Biography

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William Schwenck Gilbert was born at 17 Southampton Street, Strand, London on the 18th of November, , the son of William Gilbert (a retired naval surgeon) and Anne Gilbert.

A biography and life work of william schwenk gilbert an english dramaticist

He had, or rather obtained, three younger sisters: Jane, Maud and Florence. William Gilbert was a distinguished astronomer and physician. Read on to know more about William Gilbert’s profile, childhood, life and timeline in this biography.

This DayPlace Of Birth: Colchester. William Schwenk Gilbert ( - ) was one of the most noted dramatists and satirists of the 19th Century; however, he is most famous for his partnership with Sir Arthur Sullivan with whom he produced 14 comic operas.

At the height of the partnership Gilbert was the toast of London, and today the works he helped to create are beloved of.